Zazen scalar is best kept by your bedside during sleep, as we are most unoccupied physically or mentally during sleep. When exposed to Zazen scalar during sleep, the brain inadvertently will move to the alpha, theta and delta brain wave which induces deep rest and human growth hormones are released.


Living Room

Zazen scalar helps promote the alpha brain wave. During the day we are mostly engaged in the beta brain wave which only promotes the fight and flight. Time spent with family and friends will be best when in the alpha brain frequency where people are calm and rested without a need to control. Family time is best experienced when we are calm, relaxed and the mind is at ease. This is an alpha brain wave attribute.


Creative Office / Children Playroom

Most people nowadays have lost touch with the creative self in them. The reason is the Theta brain function is not active. Zazen scalar helps the individual to move to the theta brain wave at ease. This environment will help adults who are involved in creative thinking, designing and writing as the theta brain wave will be more easily accessible to the individual than the common fight and flight environment. If you have observed most writers and songwriters will move into nature to get a writing or a creation done. Now this is possible in the work place or your home.


Holistic Healing Centres / Psychiatric Treatment

Most healing is in the form of medication which only works on the symptoms but not on the real cause of the disease. Very little effort as been put into how brain wave imbalance has caused many illnesses in this time and age. Most mental illnesses can be attributed to the over use of the beta brain wave. The whole environment with the advent of technological betterments and the demands of daily life has made us spin deeper into this non holistic approach of dealing with problems. Zazen scalar helps change the environment for us to wind down without the use of medication or therapy. When the brain falls back to its alpha range, the first stage of rest and healing happens to the body and brain.


Yoga / Meditation Centres

Yoga and meditation is synonymous with effortless. What has happened nowadays is that both of these “activities” have been associated with effort. Yoga and meditation will only bear fruit when effort is removed from the equation. Most are doing this activity in the beta brain mode which is a fight and flight mode. Before someone undertakes meditation and yoga, it is essential to note that the body and brain must fall into a relaxed state and not a fight and flight state. When the Zazen scalar is placed in the mediation/yoga hall, it will permeate the whole area with scalar energy. This helps the individual to enter the rested state without any effort.


Product Specification

Zazen™ Scalar 300 core specifications

Model : Zazen™ Scalar 300 core
Zazen Scalar input power : 24V DC
Zazen Scalar casing : Stainless steel with veneer wood enclosure
Indication : Capsense switch LED indicator for 100, 200 and 300 core
Emmitance : Scalar wave emitting 7.81 Hz
Dimension(mm)LxWxH : 506 x 349 (Bottom) 81 (Top) x 900
Coverage area(feet) : 25’ x 25’
Net weight(kgs) : 23
Warranty: 36 months
Power supply specifications
Model: Mean Well GS 160A24-R7B-160W AC-DC adapter
Power : 3 pole AC power inlet IEC 320-C14, 85-264V DC
Power consumption : 24 watt/ 210KWH/year(max)
Current : 6.67A
Frequency : 47-63Hz
Enclosure : Fully plastic
Indication : Blue light for power ON
Working temperature : -30c- +70c
Protection : Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage/Over temperature
Dimension(mm)LxWxH : 175 x 72 x 35
Weight(kgs) : 0.6 Warranty : 36 months
Protection type : Hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Shut down on over temperature, re-power on to recover

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