An Introduction to

Dhyan Vimal’s Samadhi Sleep

The team from Zazen have been very fortunate to have Dhyan Vimal share another discovery – Dhyan Vimal’s Samadhi Sleep in scalar energy field using Zazen Scalar Technology. Zazen Scalar is an invention created under his direct guidance and supervision with a few engineers.

This technique and technology is Dhyan Vimal’s contribution and gift to humanity as he sees that the world has two forces that works simultaneously; the upward flow of energy which is anti-entropic, the energy of creation, and the downward flow energy force which is entropic and destructive in nature.

Man is a fragile species that is easily influenced by his environment. His environment not only affects his biology and brain but he starts losing sight of himself, his natural state, and his possibilities. His relationship with his environment shapes his experiences and influences him. He starts relying on his mind rather than the intelligence and awakening of his biology. This eventually makes him lose sight of what is actually there as him, his truth, his reality and his real state of being. He becomes disconnected from his body and energy field and fails to be in touch with his being.

Dhyan Vimal’s Samadhi Sleep came together as a unique synthesis of a meditation technique and the science of zero point energy field also known as scalar energy to address these conditions.

For the first time, we are able to combine science
and spirituality as a medicine for the modern man.

The Science & Understanding

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Zazen Scalar Lounge

Zazen Scalar Lounge was born out of the science and understanding that, if we provide ourselves a safe healing environment, the body responds by stimulating restoration and balance naturally. This inspired the team to bring the first Scalar Lounge to the world.

We live in a world, where we are forced to engage our fight and flight responses constantly for survival, sex and inclusion. The state we exist is often a state in which we are constantly losing energy through our reactions, thoughts, and senses. We rarely get a chance, or give our body and brain an opportunity where this fight and flight is suspended completely and you are just being, just resting and you just are … We try to achieve this through drugs, alcohol, expensive holidays, yoga and breathing exercises, but all this methods still requires effort from your part and is still done in stress and fight/flight thus real rest never happens to anyone.

You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick.

One of the invisible enemies of our environment is the hidden dangers of man made electromagnetic waves and the biological stress it creates in the human brain and nervous system. By altering the ‘support structure’ of your environment, you can make your environment your medicine. Zazen Scalar creates a harmonic energetic space where our brain and body feels safe. This safe and rested space is a pre-requisite for healing and growth.

You can now create a space within your bedroom, living room, work place, play area, schools, wellness clinic or have our uniquely conceptualized Zazen Scalar Lounge at your convenience. Just by being in the Zazen Scalar energy, your sleep quality improves, you have more energy, stronger immune system, more focus, feel calmer, more rested, increased productivity, happy, better resilience to EMF impacts, delayed ageing, and have better quality of life.

While for personal use, a 300 core to 500 core is appropriate, the Scalar Lounge gives the body and brain a chance to enter a deeper state of rest and rejuvenation using 1200 core to 3200 core Zazen Scalar Energy.

The Science of Zazen Scalar

Zazen Scalar is a revolutionary solution, technologically designed to induce a naturally balanced environment that upholds one’s wellbeing, supports healing and promotes fast recovery.

Our Technology

Zazen Scalar was a development after numerous studies, research and test conducted on the construction and workings of a mobius coil which carries a resonance frequency of 7.83hz.

Zazen Health Solutions, has a patent and trademark protection for it’s novel technology – 9 segment mobius coil feature. Our research and technology was supported and approved by Malaysian government agency such as National Innovation Agency Malaysia, PlaTCOM Ventures and SME Corp Malaysia.

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