Frequently Asked Questions On Zazen Scalar

Where should I place the unit for maximum benefit?

Zazen scalar is best kept by your bedside during sleep. During the day we are mostly engaged in the beta brain wave which only promotes the fight and flight. When exposed to Zazen Scalar during sleep, the brain inadvertently moves to the alpha, theta and delta brain wave which induces deep rest and healing.

The other suitable places will include offices, children’s playroom, holistic healing centers, doctor’s working with patients with mental illnesses, yoga and meditation centres etc.

How can scalar help my autistic child?

What we have observed is when an autistic child is exposed to a Scalar field, they have a tendency to calm down. They are able to increase focus on what they are doing, tend to be more loving, wanting to be with others and express the need to reach out and play with others. All this was observed within 7 days of exposure to the scalar energy field.

Can this product help improve my sleep problems (ie insomnia)?

Yes, most of the people who have used the scalar have reported that their sleep quality has improved tremendously. The reason being, insomnia is an inability to shift the brainwave from the high frequency Beta brain wave to the calmer, rested brain wave of Alpha. Alpha is the gateway to Theta and Delta brain wave. In Delta, melatonin (a hormone that is essential for deep sleep) is released.

Can this product assist to reduce stress related illnesses? How does it help?

Yes. Stress is a result of having too much cortisol (a hormone linked to stress that has been scientifically proven to speed up the aging process) released. Cortisol is released when in the Beta brainwave. In a scalar field, the brain wave shifts to the Alpha brain wave, which releases serotonin (chemical for well-being ad happiness). The more we are able to shift our brainwave from Beta to Alpha, the more we are able to control the stress levels.

Will I go through any healing crisis that I need to take note?

It would greatly differ from one individual to another.

Below, has been our observation of the symptoms of different healing crisis.

  • Deep sleep may be experienced. It could continue for a week. It depends how much rest the body requires to orientate back to a healthy state.
  • Slight physical discomfort may be felt where the body was tight and rigid. The undoing will be felt as uncomfortable. Many individuals have mentioned the neck area, the shoulder and the chest.
  • Mild flu and fever.
  • Mild diarrhea.
  • Headache, especially the back part of the head and slight light headedness momentarily.
  • Initial feeling of indifference to what was considered “important”.

These are the most common symptoms that we have observed. We have to take into consideration how much has man made frequencies have affected an individual and the conditioning the body has gone through.

How long does it take before I see results?

The adjustment period is from 2 days to 2 weeks. It is a period of time where you may notice changes in your body. Some people feel more energized for a few days and a few may sleep a little less for a day or two. They feel calmer and are able to be more rational in situations where they are usually not.

Are there any contra-indications for this product?

Scalar Energy is a natural good energy and does not have any side effects. It can potentially harmonize your body’s life-force by strengthening your bio-energy which achieves holistic wellness.

Do I keep the product switched on all the time and keep it running?

Yes. When the unit is constantly kept on, it will permeate the space with scalar energy thus allowing the body almost no adjustment time for it to fall back to the alpha brain state.

Can the equipment be moved from one place to another? What is the safest way to move it without damaging the product ?

Yes, switch off the unit and wait for 10 seconds for the power supply light to extinguish. It requires 2 persons to move the unit.

How long does it take to install the unit?

15 minutes.

What is the ideal space coverage for a 300 core unit?

25’ x 25‘

What is the the duration of the warranty?

3 years (refer to warranty agreement for details)

Is the product durability and quality designed to withstand any countries environmental conditions?


How will I know if there is a problem with the unit ?

The blue status light will be blinking on the control panel.

Does the product cut off all EMF (man-made frequencies)?

The Zazen Scalar does not remove EMF or modify EMF from the environment. However, since the body will always favour fields that act in accordance with nature, the body will resonate to the Scalar field because it is similar to our cells.

Will the EMF measuring device still register a reading?

Yes, gaussmeters, RF meters etc, will still register a number as that is what they are designed to measure. The EMF fields still exist so we can communicate and use technology. They will not indicate the actual neutralization of the fields as the ZAZEN SCALAR works on the body at a cellular level and not the environment.

Does the product generate any interefence?

No. It does not generate interference, which might affect sensitive equipment, including pacemakers.

While using the product should I still avoid EMF exposure?

Yes. Avoiding EMF is generally a good practice.

EMF scientists who have conducted studies believe exposure to EMF is the underlying menace as to why there was so much disease in the last century, which continues today. Associate Professor Dr Magda Havas, who lectures on this subject states: “EMF alters the body’s electrical system which directs the chemical messaging system in the brain which directs all body processes. Mental and physical disorders result.”

Scalar technology negates the body’s response to undesirable EMF. Some people may notice this change while others may not notice anything. Those who are more electrically hypersensitive(EHS),after long term use of Zazen Scalar, may find the body more resilient to EMF.

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