Zazen scalar was an innovation after eight years of research and studies conducted on the construction and the workings of the mobius coil which carries a resonance frequency of 7.83Hz.

When Zazen Scalar is placed in the bedroom or living room, it changes the frequency of the environment to 7.83hz, which is easily adapted by the body as it is congruent to our biology. Thus, correcting any imbalance in the brain and body. The 7.83hz will only be beneficial when it is from a zero point electromagnetic field (scalar energy field). Zazen scalar creates the zero point electromagnetic field using our researched and tested Mobius Coil.

Scalar waves provide a zero-point or vacuum field of unlimited potential. This field neutralizes chaotic incoming signals from the environment and from our negative thoughts, thereby allowing our cells to utilize their own innate wisdom for self-healing.

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