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We must first understand that our biology is intrinsically in sync with nature. Any unnatural form of energy which is not congruent to our well-being and growth is considered harmful.

If you have observed, nature is constantly trying to come back to its original state or state of balance. We are an integral organism with nature and are constantly looking for that balance, consciously or unconsciously.

The body and brain require earth’s frequency of 7.83hz for the mental and physical body to be healthy. Dr. Herbert Konig showed the connection between 7.83hz and the brain rhythm. EEG recordings of the natural electromagnetic fields in the environment coincide with the alpha brainwave. This is the brain wave rhythm of all mammals in the rested, balanced state.


Most illnesses related to the brain and mental health are due to a predominance of the Beta brainwaves over the other brain waves. This creates an overactive state in the brain.  This can lead to a need for alcohol or drugs to wind down from the impact of daily stressors. This would also explain why most urban city dwellers need a vacation. It is so that part of the brain can be rested and they are looking for an environment that will support it.

According to Cell Biologist at Stanford Research, scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, the body can defend itself (Fight or Flight) or growth/repair (Heal) but it cannot do both at the same time. The defense fight or flight response has a Beta brainwave frequency associated with a state of high arousal designed for crisis management of short duration only. The growth/repair has an Alpha/Theta/Delta brainwave frequency found in a balanced nervous system. A balanced nervous system can move freely through frequency changes in the environment.  Cells can only maintain one state at a time and these states are controlled by the nervous system.

Dr. Lipton further indicates the nervous system is dangerously stressed when it can no longer move freely between brainwave frequencies. When it cannot move freely, it becomes stuck in a frequency and the brainwaves are no longer able to adapt to an increase in stress, or worse, cannot return to a balanced state.

Modern medicine teaches us that the human organism consists solely of tissue, body fluids, chemicals, enzymes and hormones. However, scalar energy medicine argues that all essential functions in the body are controlled by electromagnetic signals. Hormones and enzymes act as triggers as a result of these electromagnetic signals. Minute disruptions are sufficient to disturb our complex electromagnetic system, which in turn disrupts our health and immune system. The immune system can react in an excessive manner and can cause disease to the local tissues as well as generally to the entire body. For example, auto-immune and hypersensitivity reactions occur in response to environmental disturbance.

To reiterate, we are energetic beings. When the body is diseased, there is a disruption in the body’s energy flow, an imbalance. Restoring this energy flow moves one from a state of “dis‐ease” to ease, unwell to well. Scalar, which balances energy, is a great tool for well-being and to bring one back to a healthy state.


There are 2 forms of electromagnetics that we know. We can relate this to linear electromagnetics which is man made frequencies(quantifiable) and non-linear electromagnetics which is the energy of nature itself or a living scalar energy. It is human innate energy and the energy of every living organism energy, which it is not quantifiable.

Linear electromagnetics relates to everything that is man made and has a frequency of 50hz to 10000 hz or more. It has a “mechanical” process to it. It is used for a purpose and definition. In humans, this energy relates to the beta brainwave state, which is used to accomplish tasks, concentration, focus and for daily social interaction. Remaining in this for prolong periods has been noted to cause stress, anxiety, insomnia, cortisol release, fight/flight responses, and other mental disorders.

When Scalar Energy is applied to the body, it has been shown to affect brain wave patterns. Sleep disturbances, insomnia, stress, anxiety and many degenerative brain disorders usually occur when the delta, beta, theta and alpha waves are disrupted. Usually when a person is unable to sleep, their beta waves are active and high, when they should be low. The alpha waves are needed during the relaxation phase of sleep, just as you are preparing to fall asleep.



Scalar energy is able to promote alpha wave frequency in the brain. The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth’s energy field and is able to amplify these vibrations. When this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, it assists the cells in the body with achieving a particular resonance which is essential to optimum health.

Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, aware, creative, focused, and sharp with improved clarity.

  • Helps balance all 4 brain waves
  • Creativity
  • Capacity to learn is increased
  • Balances both the hemisphere of the brain


Scalar energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protection around the body. In an attempt to further safe guard the body, this subtle energy system maintains its energy sensitivities by not allowing these harmful energies to disorientate the body’s system.

Being in a scalar field room removes and cancels the effects of man made frequencies on the human body by enhancing the body’s natural defenses against the damaging radiation.

Scalar energy is able to maintain optimum energy levels for healthy cellular function. This help to retard regeneration. Age related diseases may be prevented and the aging process is slowed-down

  • Deep rest
  • Helps bring the body back to its natural frequency.
  • Eliminates and nullifies the effects of man-made frequencies in the human body.
  • Increases overall body energy levels as a result of increasing cellular energy for trillions of cells.
  • Less dependent on substance

Immune system

  • Increased immune system

Endocrine system

  • Increases serotonin, melatonin and endorphins.
  • Releases human growth hormones.

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